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For those who live Malibu as a way of life,
by those who live Malibu Real Estate as a way of life

Whether you are living the Malibu dream or it is your goal to do so, the Canyon2Ocean ( C2O) website has been designed to give you access to the best of Malibu’s Real Estate listings. Please check out our blog, or contact us for more information.

We have access to some of the best and most coveted “Pocket Listings” (not yet or never to be posted on MLS). They are listed here in limited detail and most require a one party listing agreement before more detailed information can be provided or the property can be viewed. Please email us if there is a property you are interested in or if you have a particular need so we can notify you of listings prior to their public launch.

You can search the MLS for all properties for sale or go to the Favorite Listing Picks section. These are handpicked favorite properties currently for sale in Malibu and surrounding areas – properties that have identified by C2O, as priced well, having upside potential or are otherwise the “best of the best”.

This site is hosted by Kelly Pessis, a Malibu resident since 1992, an agent with 4 Malibu Real Estate Partners, and a Realtor for over 15 years who has been offering concierge style service to the greater Los Angeles and Coastal communities.  You may contact her at  Kelly@C20zone.com  or  (310) 980-5373.

Appraisal Rebuttals: the Cure for a Schizophrenic Market

We have certainly seen the good news/bad news in our Corral Canyon micro market over the last 6 or so years. The bad news in the regional real estate market had been the low sales prices fueled by distressed sales. Our Canyon was not immune to this, though our source of distressed sales had a slightly different geneses; the fire rebuilds. Sadly, many of the homeowners attempting to rebuild did not complete the process for a myriad of reasons. This is why we saw some absolutely spectacular short sale and foreclosure deals on brand new builds and homes just short of having a certificate of occupancy or C of O (C of O is the final permit allowing a structure to be inhabited). So what is the good news for our canyon values and, most importantly for many, “when can I refinance”?…more